Wellness isn’t just about food and fitness.

Wellness is an overall sense of wellbeing…right work, relationships, spiritual connections, financial stability, food and fitness all fit into being a healthy human. If we look at just one component, it is hard to find true health and wellness. Are you ready to start on a journey to true wellness?

The YogiCPA-Whole Life Health, Wellness and Business for the busy entrepreneur

Hey there! My life has led me to this place. I have been a stressed out, busy mom (now GRANDMA!), business owner, wife and human. For over 30 years, I have run my own business. From childcare, teaching yoga, providing accounting and tax services and health coaching, I have experienced the joys and challenges of being my own boss. One of the biggest challenges has always been finding time in my day to support my own personal wellness. I found that I couldn’t give it all away every day and continue to be a healthy person. Something had to give. Finding yoga, meditation, good food and daily movement, combined with effective time management and business skills has created much more balance in my life.

I would love to share with you!

How this works

The membership site offers weekly small bites of yoga, meditation, good easy recipes and amazing small business tips. From dinner in 5 minutes, to a yoga break at your desk and tips to make your business run smoother, each week you will find tips you can read, watch or do in under five minutes! If you are looking for more in any topic, pop into the private Facebook group and interact with other members.

Need more? Courses are being developed to delve further into each of the core topics. Something in particular you are looking for? Let me know! I want to make this YOUR community, to help you succeed in all you do in a healthy way! Check out the About ME page to find out more and then CLICK HERE to join me in creating your best life!



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