A Yoga Buffet Retreat-October 21st-23rd, 2022, Spring Grove, Minnesota

 A Yoga Buffet Retreat-October 21st-23, 2022,

Spring Grove, Minnesota

Big Raven Retreat Center

Hosted by: Jennifer Monsos and Gigi Heinz

A recipe for self-care…

Does this sound like you?

-Are you struggling to find ways to fit self-care into your busy life?

-Does it always seem like something gets in the way of your self-care plans?

-Do you feel like you are always running on empty?

Would you love to…

-Have a simple plan of action to make sure self-care is part of each day?

-Spend time with like-minded people who can support you in your plans?

-Create a plan that you can stick to with manageable activities?

We can help!!

Who are we?

Gigi Heinz

Gigi has been teaching yoga and fitness for over 30 years in Merrill and Wausau, Wisconsin. She has a BS in Health Promotion and Wellness and is a Yoga Therapist at the 1000-hour level through Yoga North in Duluth, Minnesota.  Gigi’s core values include self-care, self-love, meaningful relationships, optimism, kindness, learning, and laughing! Nature and movement (especially outdoors with her dog Bella!) make her heart sing!! She also enjoys reading, service to others, COFFEE and music!! She is invested in  svadhyaha (self-study) and sharing all she learns with others.

Jennifer Monsos

Jennifer has been teaching yoga for 21 years in various locations throughout western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota. In addition to teaching, she has mentored new teachers for the last eight years. She is an RYT-500 through Yoga, Psyche, Soul (Ashley Turner). She also has certifications in trauma informed yoga, Energy Medicine Yoga, yoga for seniors and LOTS of syadhyaha on various topics related to yoga, health, nutrition, and wellness! She is a personal trainer through ISSA and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She has been providing teacher training for aspiring yoga teaches through a mentorship model since 2010. After navigating a cancer diagnosis and healing journey in 2021, Jennifer became a staunch advocate for her how health, and loves to share all she has learned with others! Jennifer loves all things health and wellness, and is currently half way through a journey to complete a half marathon in all 50 states!! In her “day life” she is an accounting professor and CPA, so yoga and running have been life savers!



(note: A payment plan is available on the registration page!)


JOIN US for a weekend of self-care, learning and time to create your own perfect plan! A Yoga Buffet Retreat at the BEAUTIFUL Big Raven Retreat Center in Spring Grove, Minnesota is the ideal place to take care of YOU and have a plan to take home with you at the end of the weekend!!



How will the weekend look?

You will arrive on Friday evening for a lovely farm to table dinner, followed by a discussion on “Living a Yogic Life-What does that look like?” An amazing restorative yoga practice will round out our first evening.

Saturday will begin with an optional Vinyasa practice and more amazing food!! Pranayama (breathwork) or meditation, time for journaling or rest, then a meditation walk or chakra bracelet making will follow before yet more great food for LUNCH!! There is plenty of time for conversation, journaling, walking and time for naps built into the day as well.

After lunch, enjoy a yoga class with Gigi or an Integrative Nutrition discussion in the kitchen with Jennifer. A yoga class with Jennifer or a creative mandala session with Gigi will round out your afternoon, with a long leisurely dinner to follow. More conversation and a LOVELY Yoga Nidra will complete our second day.

Sunday, yet another vinyasa practice opportunity with Jennifer before breakfast! More pranayama, yin yoga practice, meditation and our closing circle will conclude the weekend. BUT WAIT!! One last opportunity to have fantastic food with a brunch! Take your time, go for a walk or take a nap, journal or read, before heading back home with a renewed sense of energy and a self-care plan in place!

RESTORATIVE YOGA- Some yoga poses taste a bit sweeter than others. If yoga were a smorgasbord, restorative yoga poses would be at the dessert table. These soothing and well-supported poses will offer you the opportunity to linger quietly and savor the sweetness of life.

YOGA NIDRA- If you like savasana, you will love yoga nidra! Enjoy a long and leisurely guided meditation, often referred to as “yogic sleep”. This practice will take you effortlessly into a state of harmonious, restful BEING where you can be healed, restored, and awakened to your deepest all-knowing self.

MEDITATION- What is your jam? Let’s explore and engage together in a montage of meditation practices and discover the style that aligns with your soul. You will have the opportunity to try them on and see what resonates with you!

MANDALA MAGIC- No art experience is needed! Mandala drawing and coloring create mindfulness as you stay attuned to the present moment. Mandalas encompass the ideas of wholeness and unity. Join Gigi for this fun, self-soothing creative practice.

CHAKRA BRACELET WORKSHOP- Join Jolene, the owner of Big Raven Retreat Center, for this fun and creative workshop! You will have the opportunity to make two bracelets. Keep them both, or make one for a friend! (NOTE: There will be an additional fee of $35 for this workshop)

VINYASA FLOW-If you enjoy, or would like to try a more physical practice aligning breath and movement, join Jennifer before breakfast to break a sweat with sun salutations and mindful movement. Jennifer will offer modifications and options to make this practice work for all levels of yogi!

INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION DISCUSSION- Jennifer will discuss whole foods eating, offer some simple recipes for wholesome and healthy meals your whole family will enjoy. Discussion of various ways of eating from carnivore to vegan, and the pros and cons to each will be discussed. There will be ample time for questions. Jennifer has tried most of them, and owned a farm-to-table restaurant as well!! There will be an opportunity to further your work with Jennifer if you would like as well!

PRANAYAMA- Prana means lifeforce or breath. This session will offer you a variety of different breathwork techniques that you can take with you. You will learn a variety of breathwork techniques from short 1 minute options to longer practices to add to the beginning or end of an asana or meditation practice.

MEDITATIVE WALK- The over 2 mile trail around the retreat center grounds will be available for not only the meditative walk, but for your own personal time as well!

What is your investment for this AMAZING weekend? This is the awesome part!!

Two nights of lodging, all your meals AND all the great yoga buffet options!!

$759 each-Double Occupancy

$659 each-Quad Occupancy

Register HERE!

(note: A payment plan is available on the registration page!)

Signing up with a friend? Please include their name in the comment of your registration so we assign you to room together!! Coming alone? You will get to meet new and amazing, like-minded friends!

Just a quick note, we will only be registering the first 14 participants, so BOOK YOUR SPACE EARLY!!


Do you have questions? EMAIL JENNIFER at jennifer@simplicityquest.com or GIGI at gmhbewellyoga@gmail.com and we will get right back to you!!


We are SO EXCITED to have you join us for this AMAZING retreat experience, and help YOU find your own self-care plan!!

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A Yoga Buffet Retreat-October 21-23

$659.00 – $794.00

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(note: A payment plan is available on the registration page!)

(use code Friend50 to save $50 when you register with a friend! Note your friend’s name in the comment so we room you together!)