Hearing the “C” word can be frightening. We all know people who have been diagnosed and die within a few weeks. We also know people who have become SO SICK from the treatment, that they are bed ridden for months or even years. When I first saw the words in my online portal from my clinic, it was frightening. Then I started to research my exact type of cancer, and the potential treatment plans, options for treatments, potential outcomes and alternatives to the standard of care. That is when I discovered the metabolic approach to cancer, and decided I wanted to use big chunks of this theory during my healing journey. In this post, I will provide you with links to some of the many of the books I read during my research process. Most of them are easily available at Amazon, and each has links to the studies used in their own research.

1. The Metabolic Approach to Cancer-Nasha Winters– This book was my starting point, that led to all the others. She, herself a cancer conqueror, clearly outlines how our terrain affects our health. When cancer manifests, we need to find out why, and fix those areas of our terrain to get and remain well.

2. Keto for Cancer- Miriam Kalamian is an excellent resource written by the mom of a young cancer patient. She made it her mission to research and put together a way of eating to help those with a cancer diagnosis to fix their terrain through food.

3. Radical Remission and Radical Hope-Kelly Turner -What can I even say about these two books? Kelly Turner interviewed hundreds of people who had overcome cancer diagnoses with alternatives to Western medicine standards of care. Many had followed the standard of care once, or chose pieces of the protocol, but ended up with alternatives. Kelly outlines nine commonalities between the people who were successful with healing. I first listened to these books on Audible, then ended up purchasing both in paper form. They are that good!

Start with these books if you are on a healing path, or love someone on a healing path. Want more help? Please join my group on Facebook!