I got up this morning and did my daily rituals. I rise, turn on the coffee that I set up the night before, pee, take my vitamins, feed the cat, turn on the light over my tomato plants, and went back to bed to play games and check my email. I do the same series of events each and every morning of the week. If I miss one, it throws off the entire plan for the day.

This is always followed by coffee at my desk, updating my books with the transactions from the day before, and laying out my plan for the day. This last nine months, working from the comfort of my home, has helped to clarify many things for me. I have become clearer about the path I want to take forward, and the work I have to do yet in my lifetime. I feel like I am edging ever closer to that end with each birthday and feel a renewed need to share a lifetime of learning with others by teaching. What is the point of learning all this stuff I have learned if I don’t share it with others by teaching?

Now, each person I touch through my teaching can choose to take or leave what I share. It is just put forth as an option, an idea, a thought. Each person must follow their own path through life, and I just hope the bits I share can help to clarify their path on the journey. When I teach yoga, I always say I am simply a guide on your path; take what resonates with you and your body and leave what doesn’t. It is the same with food, finances and fitness. Only YOU know what is best for you. All I can do is offer you my insights and experience. The decisions are ultimately yours…

Many years ago, in the early years of internet access, I bought some various domain names with the intent of creating businesses around them. One, that I bought very early on was www.simplicityquest.com  and I have kept it all these years. It is funny that over the years I have owned this, it has always led to whatever my website is, but it has never stood alone on its own. Recently, I created a community on a platform called Mighty Networks and called it SimplicityQuest Academy. My intention is to make this a group for those who are seeking to simplify their lives. Whether that is work, food, money, home, relationships….whatever it is; to give the strength, resources and power to make the changes to create the life that fully resonates with each seeker.

So, this morning, as I do some mornings, I pulled an oracle card. A recent podcast I listened to suggested, that if one card pops out at you, to let that be the card for the day, the week, or however long it resonates. So, this morning the SATTVA card jumped out and fell in my lap. I took this as a sign for today, to sit with Sattva.

Sattva is one of the three gunas (virtues or attributes) in Hindu and Samkhya philosophy. The word itself translates to light, goodness and purity in Sanskrit. From an ayurvedic and yogic perspective, we seek to invite and maintain balance of self, mind and body through the three gunas. The card I pulled guided me to continue ridding myself of “things” and continue to clarify my goals. The card also noted that although I had taken steps to clean up my home, diet, career and life, I still have work to do. I had to laugh at this, because just last night, I had made a list of things I need to accomplish yet in the coming months. Ridding myself of excess things, selling or donating them, and cleaning out spaces.

I had kind of left some things undone when I came to the cabin in May to live for what I thought would be a few weeks, which has now turned to months, with no end in sight.  I have way too much “stuff” at home that I intended to sell, and now have lost interest in. These things need to be donated now, and hopefully used by others who need them. I need to throw some things away that are no longer useful, and I need to clear space for the things that I need, use and care about.

So, after pulling the card, and getting my head around the concept of continuing to purge, I went to the website of the author of my cards, www.iamsahararose.com and found this interesting little goddess quiz! What goddess do I resonate with most? Well, of course it had to be Kali, the goddess of transformation and fierce boldness. Kali is related to the Pitta dosha ( fire energy) and it is noted that I came here, to this planet to break free from societal constraints, and drop illusions in order to embody and actualize truth. I might be overly intense to some people, and the universe sends me lessons that I move through. Yep, this is me…

A secondary goddess provided from the answers to the quiz is Lakshmi, who is the goddess of abundance, prosperity and good fortune! I do work hard to generate an income that let’s me live the life I want, but this work doesn’t leave me time to do what I love because I work too much! YES! This too, is me. Money is a tool, yes, but letting go of some things to create space for others is needed right now…

So, with all of this, on a Sunday morning, I am clarifying my “to-do” list for the day, then settling in to figure out the next steps on the journey of my SimplicityQuest! Please join me by CLICKING HERE to get access to my FREE community!

Have a wonderful Sunday,


(NOTE: Visit www.iamsahararose.com for information on the oracle cards, A Yogic Path, or to get more information about the Higher Self Podcast.)