We had company this weekend, and I splurged a bit. We got a pizza from a local, to remain unnamed, take and bake place.  It tasted good, but within an hour I was not feeling well. At first I couldn’t exactly pinpoint the problem. Then Steve mentioned that he wasn’t feeling well. He said it almost felt like he was having a heart attack. That was exactly the way I felt. We weren’t sure if it was the processed flour (gluten), the cheese or something else, but we sure felt crappy!  We have had problems eating out since we opened the restaurant, and we won’t be doing this again anytime soon. The rest of the weekend we were back to the good stuff.

On Friday, I made meals for a client. (visit  www.tansysonmain.com for details on private chef service). Here is a breakdown of what I made for her, and what we cooked for us during the process.


Omelette with parmesan cheese, bacon and baby potatoes

Oatmeal pancakes (maple syrup) with our own uncured bacon.


Spinach salad with avocado, tomato, green salsa, refried beans and homemade corn tortilla.

Spinach salad with wild rice and lentil salad


Our own pork chops with baby potatoes and grilled carrots and zucchini

Grass fed burger with wild rice pilaf and a sweet potato


At the same time I was cooking her meals, we cooked extra pork chops, bacon, beans and wild rice pilaf.  I also cooked up a batch of zucchini and carrots for us to keep in the fridge.  With those items in the fridge, we are set for most of the week! We also had a few pancakes left that I put in the fridge and we warmed up the next day.


Saturday breakfast was awesome!


Saturday Breakfast


Saturday night brought pork chops and sweet potatoes with a plate of the carrot and zucchini mixture. Unfortunately, they were gone before I had a chance to take a picture.

Sunday we finished up the last few pieces of bacon crumbled into an omelette (two eggs each, whisked with a little cold water!!).

Steve was home much of last week by himself. He had a bowl of beans I had made for him and a variety of vegetables, that I had gotten off the 99 cent rack at Rochester Wholesale. He also had boneless, skinless chicken thighs that I had gotten on sale for $1 a pound. He cooked them rolled in a bit of cornmeal over medium heat with a bit of olive oil in the pan. He also steamed up the vegetables (broccoli and cauliflower) to finish out his meals.  He is a bit more of a carnivore than I am, and I have decided to shun any non-organic, non-grassfed meat at this point and just focus on the good stuff that we, or someone we know has raised so I had left all of the chicken for him.

Sunday I prepared my stuff to bring with me to my office for the week! I have a huge bowl of beans that I can refry or make into a soup. I also have a huge bag of spinach, tomatoes, avocados, a package of bacon and some pork chops. I am thinking though that I might try a totally vegetarian week.

On a different note, in case you haven’t been stalking my facebook wall, Steve is taking care of two baby goats! They were born when it was cold and the mom wasn’t able to completely take care of them.  He is bottle feeding them, but mom has been feeding them once a day which is awesome!

We are also in the planning stages to grow some of our own produce this year for the restaurant. Seeds have been purchased, and we will be starting some plants in our tiny little greenhouse this week!

Watch for updates on that process!


Have a great Monday!