So this week brought some interesting purchases.  On Sunday we went to Rochester Wholesale, our local fruit and vegetable market.  They had a cart full of bags of produce marked 99 cents each!! JACKPOT!! We got potatoes, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, oranges, apples, kiwi, squash and apples. It totaled $4.96 for over 20 pounds of produce. I have been making smoothies all week! I also got slightly brown organic bananas for 69 cents a pound at the Coop. These got peeled, cut in half and frozen for future smoothies!

We are completely not eating any meat that we don’t already have, so it is beef and pork for us for a while. I am doing most days vegetarian, while Steve is eating meat once a day or so.

Our only purchases this last week were our clearance items and a few other produce items at Rochester Wholesale, and a couple of dozen eggs at the Coop along with the bananas.  It is amazing what we can do with what we have!

I have broth on the stove right now downstairs.  I will be selling some, and keeping some for us to use. I took some of the beef off the bones, mixed it with pepper, brown rice, tomatoes and spices and made a nice little stew for myself for dinner. The meat was awesome and tender since it has been cooking since last night!

So this week our meals looked like this:

Scrambled eggs and bacon with a whole wheat pancake

Salad with spinach, tomatoes, avocado and homemade dressing

Pork chops and sweet potatoes

Oatmeal with apples and walnuts

Smoothies from the “fridge left overs”

Grassfed burgers over mashed potatoes

Lentils and brown rice with miso and ginger

“Soup Bone” meat with brown rice and tomatoes

Refried beans with cheese and tomatoes on homemade corn tortillas

All in all I think we ate pretty well on almost nothing. How about you?

We have 5 days and $30 left. I think we can call this experiment a success….There will be a couple of more posts before the month is up on March 16th. Are you ready to take the challenge??