This summer has been interesting. Having spent the majority of it living in my cabin in the woods has given me a great deal of time to think about my own SimplicityQuest, but also helped to understand that everyone has a different idea of simplicity. Many would never consider making the changes in lifestyle I have done this year, but nor would I make the changes they would! It is an individual process.

For me, working at home is top on my list of ways to simplify. For others, this is a nightmare! I have heard from folks who can’t get anything done at home, and need the personal connection of being in an office every day. I, on the other hand, work best alone. I can pop into a ZOOM meeting, send off an email, record a lecture, or scan social media to get my interaction. I guess you could say I was made for physical distancing. I love it!

What I need to feel like I have simplified include running water and electricity, but no air conditioning, dishwasher or microwave. We also have a composting toilet, wood heat, and a ringer washer with a clothesline. Some would just consider this a lot of work, while I find it very freeing. I enjoy the mindfulness of washing dishes by hand, and taking the clothes through the ringer. Listening to the swish swish of the old Maytag is meditative while I drink my morning coffee.

An almost daily run on my country road, or throwing the yoga mat out into the yard or on the porch for a quick practice are part of almost every day. My clothesline is filled with running clothes and pajamas and little else.

But then satellite internet is a must. I need it to work and to reach the outside world. This is a non-negotiable for me. I can’t make money or work on my dissertation without it. I am a chronic researcher, and not having the internet would never work for me.  My laptop and cell phone are my constant companions, even on a run or practicing yoga. I listen to Audible books, research things, and order the stuff I need. I have been very few places since the college where I teach closed in March. It was almost as if the quarantine helped me to be able to more clearly identify and define my best simple life.

Another huge component of my SimplicityQuest has been the elimination of debt, and the accumulation of an emergency fund. The lack of shopping has made this extremely easy. Other than food and utilities, virtually no money has been spent since March! No eating out, no mindless trips to Target, Menards or Walmart spending money on unnecessary things. What a relief to have no house, car or credit card debt, and have a solid six-month emergency fund in the bank!

So how do you define your SimplicityQuest? Is a dishwasher or housekeeper something that makes your life feel simpler? Then do it! Do you love having prepared meals delivered or attending studio yoga classes? Then do it!! Make a personal list of the things that help you feel centered, calm and peaceful. That is your OWN personal SimplicityQuest! Ready to join a movement for us to find our own SimplicityQuest?  Click Here and let’s get started!